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From Bath...

Sarah Hilary

For her short stories Sarah has been awarded the Fish Criminally Short Histories Prize in 2008, the Sense Creative Award in 2010 and, most recently, the Cheshire Prize for Literature in 2012. She has had several stories published in anthologies, including the CWA’s anthology. Someone Else’s Skin is her first full length novel. Her agent is Jane Gregory, and rights to Someone Else’s Skin have been sold in Norway, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy as well as to Penguin USA who are publishing in 2014. Sarah lives in Bath with her husband and daughter. Follow Sarah on Twitter at @Sarah_Hilary or visit her blog http://sarah-crawl-space.blogspot.co.uk

We talked to Sarah about being published for the first time.

Someone Else’s Skin is your first novel. Can you tell us a bit about your route to publication?

A million words rejected over four years then 100,000 that stuck; one ace agent; one auction; an exciting phone call; rights sold in eight countries... I'm still pinching myself as I write book two...

What made you want to write crime fiction?

A life-long love of reading it; a niggling suspicion that I could write it; a good friend's conviction that I could.

Are there any writers who have particularly inspired you?

Patricia Highsmith, Thomas Harris, John Fowles, Helen Dunmore...

What are you reading?

The new Fred Vargas, an old John le Carré, next up is The Black-Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black.

What are you working on at the moment, and how’s it going?

The second book in the Marnie Rome series, working title No Other Darkness. I think it's going well, always hard to tell at this stage...

Do you have any advice for writers wishing to see their work published?

Write. Read. Watch good TV. Everything else is a distraction.

Thank you Sarah!